AIRSOFT is a game of honor. Play with honor, treat people like you want to be treated, and HAVE FUN! This is a sport and a hobby. If someone is not being respectful, not playing with honor, not calling their own hits, etc, PLEASE TALK TO AN ADMIN. We are there to make sure this is a safe and friendly environment for ALL players.

-Proper eye protection (see below) must be worn at ALL TIMES while games are in progress and are not in the prep area. If you witness someone taking off eye protection while on the field, call “BLIND MAN” to indicate to other players that the game has been paused to investigate this or move the player to the prep area. If your goggles fog, DO NOT take them off to unfog them. Return to the prep area and do it there.

-You MUST have FULL seal eye pro (no shooting glasses, ski goggles, etc). Your goggles must seal fully around your eye so that NO BBS can get in from ANY angle. Rental gear is available at check-in.

-A lower or full face mask is required. Teeth can get shot out, lips busted, etc.

-Grenades that shoots BBs are ok.

-Thunder Bs are ok. Cold burning smoke grenades are acceptable. No hot burning grenades.

-Grenades have a kill radius of 10ft. If you are within that area when a grenade goes off, you are considered hit.

-If a bb shower, Tornado grenade, or similar is used, you must be hit by a bb to be considered hit.


-Call your OWN hits! Do NOT call other’s out!-Hits include anything on your person. This includes your GUN, hat, shoes, laces, pouches, etc. Anything that is connected to your body that is hit counts as a hit.

-Ricochets DO NOT count. Shots must be a direct hit to count.

-(Only if you have a sidearm): If your gun is hit, you can call “Gun hit!”, draw your sidearm, and continue playing. Subsequent hits will result in an actual hit.


-A safety is when one player has another player dead-to-rights and you are under the minimum engagement distance. You may call “safety” to consider players hit without shooting them. Limit of two players per single safety at one time.


-This is when two players have each other dead-to-rights and are at an unsafe distance. Each player will agree to a parley and walk to a safe distance and resume. These players can still be shot by other players. A parley is an agreement between two players and no one else.


Absolutely NO blind fire. You must be looking down your gun shooting, not shooting around/over objects blindly. This is HIGHLY unsafe.


We chronograph all of your airsoft replicas using joules as the measurement of power. This allows us to have the most accurate gauge on how powerfully your replica is shooting. When chronoing, we ask that you provide your own ammo, we will weigh it at the chronograph station, and you will shoot using that ammo. Restrictions are as follows:

“RIFLES”-1.6 Joule power limit-Engagement distance: 20 Feet minimum-Fully Automatic fire allowed

“DESIGNATED MARKSMAN RIFLE’S OR SNIPER RIFLES”-YOU MUST BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER TO USE THESE REPLICAS- 3.7 Joule power limit-Engagement distance: 100 Feet minimum-Semi auto or bolt action ONLY

“SQUAD AUTOMATIC WEAPONS OR MACHINE GUNS”-1.9 Joule limit- Engagement distance: 50 foot minimum-Accurate SAW or LMG/MMG replica only. No, your M4 with a box magazine does not count, you need an appropriate replica such as an M249, M60, RPK etc.

“SIDEARMS/PISTOLS”-1.6 Joule limit-Engagement distance: 0 feet-Semi-automatic only-A zero foot minimum engagement distance is in place because there are some areas in the field that are very close quarters, and you may be in a situation where you are very close to another player. This rule allows you to engage at close distance, but it is not free license to unload your magazine into another player point blank. If you come very close to another player, one or two rounds should be sufficient, do not intentionally hurt other players.
If you have questions please contact ForestFire Airsoft or talk to an admin.

Thanks, have fun, and play safe!